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Yep, we all make mistakes...

(I was inspired to write this post by the gorgeous Robert (F-L) and Manu telling me to get on and be an artist when the doubts were eating away. Also interactions I have had with different people over the last AM, Hansi, Kate, The THW Jugend group and my Babies W, A, F & are all fantastic!

p.s. I haven't found my hidden figure drawing folder so there may be a part 2 - I am bloody awful at drawing people xx)


Something I am asked all the time is:

"Where do I start when I want to draw or paint ?".

My response is generally:

"Pick up a pencil or a brush and just start"

Nearly everyone replies by saying the one thing that annoys me:

"Oh, I can’t do that, I can’t draw".

Now, I can understand if a person has no interest in creating art...but the fact that we are talking, surely means they’re thinking about it!

Starting anything new is scary, like starting to ride a bike or drive...a new skill to learn. I think that some beginners are put off by the thought of making mistakes.

Professionally, I am an artist and illustrator. Recently I ran a workshop for teenagers, designing logos focusing on the creative process. The group was surprised that I gave them a separate sketchbook for their rough work and paper for their finished work. During the workshop, they were spending so much time on the details in the rough work, that I showed them pictures of my idea-generating sketches... I mean, I’m sure a two-year-old can draw much better. The workshop flowed, after that, and logos produced showed the groups creativity. I don't have permission to share them here (but if you are on Facebook you can see the photos from this workshop over on the THW-Jugend Nordrhein-Westfalen page).

Fear of Failuer doesn't just affect beginners.

In my family, we’re all creatives in different fields. During lock-down I reached out to the artist members to work on a collaborative project. I was surprised when one member didn't feel confident enough to collaborate with my daughter and I.

Personally, I think this family member is an absolutely fantastic artist, with a glorious sense of perspective and an abundance of fascinating art history knowledge. So, I was shocked because I don’t consider myself a great artist (and neither would you if you saw all the failures and rough works I created before the final piece).

You need to understand that when we creatives share our work online, what you see is mostly the best stuff.

Below are some of my absolutely awful drawings (and, In some cases, what they turned into), I am also going to include my attempt at a Bob Ross oil painting (I am laughing just thinking about the chaos in my studio during that session). I am not good with the Bob Ross technique but, it's good fun...And I love Bob Ross!!

"We don't make mistakes...We just make happy little accidents! "- Bob Ross

...and if I could find my work on figure drawing last year, you would really see so mistakes!!!

To conclude...

Art is something that you just have to do!

You don’t have to be photo perfect and you don’t even have to be able to draw or paint well, just have to have a go and see where it takes you.

Try something new, have fun and don't worry about the end result.

If you do enjoy it, don’t ever give up!!

Best Wishes



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