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Where the 'Hell' did I go?

Recovery after narcissim a beautiful sunset
Happy places

(I know that I am going to piss some people off with this so I am going to add a disclaimer saying that all this could be fantasy...)

So it's been over a year since I sat down and concentrated on my business...and the short reason is that I am in the process of divorcing someone who fights dirty and said I would leave with nothing! Guess what....I still have my computer, a tumble dryer, a TV, a microwave and most importantly my, I am doing better than most people in my position.

When you divorce (an undiagnosed) person of low EQ and empathy, their goal is to destroy you with a toddlers rage, stoked in the fires of hell. There are no boundaries to what they will do to win, even kids are targets or weapons.

My personal Favorite... conspire with friends on the best way to get revenge (Thank you), hence I no longer have the car I drove for over 10 years and brought on the 07.03.2023 for 500€, as the day of court 08.03.2023 my money was refunded and the car apparently given to someone who deserved it more, works and has a greater priority than the kids...congratulations you made my life hard and expensive, it hurt my kids more than me...AND I WILL NOT FORGET!!!!

Okay bitch rant you can tell that one loosing 'The lady Matilda' the VW 1979 T2b that I found, drove over, started renovating and is going to be sold with 100% of the profits going to my ex...

Really Bitch rant you can tell I am working through a few things...

You loose a lot, not just material possessions (photos, grandmothers sewing machine, etc...) but also the unfairness of the situation tears something away from your soul. It drags you down.

I have to be careful as I live with Bipolar so just trying to get from day to day has been hard, and I've had to bitch, cry and scream to therapists and friends. Strangely enough my Bipolar is perfectly stable since's just dealing with the trauma and the injustice of the whole situation.

And that's where I am now, I never in this lifetime would have guessed that I would be starting over again at 43 after losing everything, in debt, and trying to rebuild.

I am trying not to be bitter but, I am and I need to start living again...okay earning would be the more accurate term.

The shorter version of this post is thank you for bearing with me and there will be more arty content coming up soon

Best Wishes

Amy-Sarah xx


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