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Illustration and Design work...

When it comes to design...I love new challenges, that being said I will take my time to look at what we are creating, why we are creating it and most importantly, whom we are creating for.


This may sound remarkably long-winded, but taking this little extra time will help ensure the right people are seeing your media.

Areas I can help you with:

  • Graphic design, working in physical and digital mediums

  • UI/UX Tester and Advisor

  • Brand identity and targeting (advisory and design)

  • Website Design (Drag-and-Drop Platforms)

  • Layout design

  • Education materials and infographics

  • Training for small businesses on Design elements, Social Media presence, storytelling and Targeting 

What my Clients have to say...

lightAsset 6.png

At first I would not believe in any success when Amy set me up on social media….BUT….90% of my customers (and now I have many, thank you so very much, Amy) found me via those means.b I can recommend Amy strongly. She knows her business and is very helpful.

Manus Mobile Fusse

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