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 Disconnected connection was inspired by the reactions of people, both good and bad, to Lockdown 2020 (...and possibly beyond). 

I think everybody has felt some form of disconnection or the impact of change due to the pandemic. We're all adapting to an unfamiliar world in different ways, but, the one thing most of us can admit to is that we feel disconnected from something. During discussions with those around me, I have learned that this disconnection might be from people, places, routine or even ourselves. 


Every person spoke about how lockdown and the pandemic affected their mental health. something that I found refreshing, is that even the few men that I spoke with spoke, in varying degrees, about the struggles their facing. I would like to think it shows that the stereotype surrounding men is finally beginning to break. I may be seen as naive in my belief that a person is a person regardless of what gender they identify with, and if that person needs to talk or get that need really gender-based?...only by stereotypes. 

But I digress...I do that a lot...

To these images, I would like the viewer to bring their own meaning - it's not everyone's cup of tea, and despite the name, I'd like the viewer to think about connections and how we can positively interact to obscure and overcome the negativity in our lives. 

Online exhibition open Spring 2021

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